eNews Online - April 2001 Edition

eNews Online
April 2001 Edition

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Obesity and Lymphedema

I have received numerous questions over the years concerning the relationship between lymphedema and weight.

There is the general sense among therapists that when patients lose weight, there can be significant improvements in lymphedema as well. In fact, I have observed patients who have lost weight and had a significant improvement in lymphedema. Unfortunately, as so often is the case, there is very little published data which has addressed this question. To remedy this problem and to help provide better and more complete information concerning weight and lymphedema, I have created an online survey to help answe r some of these questions. This is designed to address not only the physical issues concerning lymphedema and weight, but the emotional, social and functional aspects as well. This survey is built upon questionnaires we use commonly in oncology to assess the quality of life of cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. These tests have been used for breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma and many other cancers. Since many patients with lymphedema are cancer survivors or are undergoing treatment for cancer , I have included questions concerning cancer as well as questions about lymphedema and weight in the survey as well. If you do not have cancer, please check not applicable (N/A).

For those who complete the survey, you can choose to receive a free Lymphedema awareness coffee mug or Alert key chain.

You are not required to submit your name or any identification to be part of this survey; however, we often find that the initial survey suggests important questions that need further evaluation. Therefore it is helpful to maintain a list of those who have responded so we can contact them to send out the results of the survey and to contact in case there are additional follow up studies or new questions that arise as a result of the survey. In either case, your identification will not be associated with yo ur responses in the survey nor will individuals be identified in the summary of the data.

I hope this survey will be helpful very helpful to those who suffer from lymphedema and that it will help answer some very important questions.

Click here for the Obesity & Lymphedema Survey


Tony Reid MD Ph.D