eNews Online - April 2003 Edition

eNews Online
April 2003 Edition

This Lymphedema eNews is being generated through your request from our website.

Peninsula Medical would like to welcome back eNews! We took a break from our monthly eNews while our site was being over-hauled and new features added. We hope to bring eNews back on a regular basis with information about lymphedema and other related conditions, upcoming events, along with new products and services. We received many inquiries asking when eNews would be next available, and after much demand, we are happy to release this edition.

NEW Lymphedema Alertbands for the lower extremity!

We now are proud to have Alertbands for the Lower Extremity available. We have had Alertbands, for some time, available for the upper extremity, however realized the need to address the precaution alert for the lower extremity.

Prior to any medical procedure it is imperative that patients with lymphedema or at risk to develop lymphedema, have a mechanism to alert medical professionals of their condition. Many times a patient is sedated or under anesthesia and can not protect or prevent at risk procedures such as injections, blood draws, IV insertion, blood pressure readings ect. By donning a brightly colored Alert Lymphedema band on their wrist or ankle this will alert technicians to the risk. Although there are medical alert jew elry, in a medical setting, this can be overlooked as jewelry and not bring the desired attention to the extremity.

Peninsula Medical continues to provide these bands at no cost. If you would like to have us send you an Alertband for your lower OR upper extremity click here.

Medicaid Coverage Update

In a previous edition, Peninsula Medical apprised our eNews subscribers about our efforts to educate and obtain coverage from Medicaid for compression garments prescribed for treatment and maintenance of lymphedema. State by state we have been gaining strength and have successfully educated and succeeded in obtaining coverage. To date, we are proud to have obtained coverage in 9 states.

For any of our readers that have previously been denied or unsuccessful at obtaining coverage for your garments through Medicaid, we are happy to assist you in getting authorization and provide you with compression garments. If you have Medicare with Medicaid as a secondary crossover-coverage, we can handle your claim, preauthorization, Medicare denial and submission to Medicaid.

Should you have Medicaid in any of the following states: Maine, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Colorado, Vermont, Virginia, South Dakota and Washington, and would like to pursue authorization for coverage for compression garments, click here to fill out a request.

If you reside in a state that we have not yet obtained coverage in and would like us to pursue coverage, fill out this form and indicate is which state your Medicaid subscription is located. Peninsula Medical will continue to educate and pursue coverage in as many states as possible. It is a slow tedious process, but as you all well know, the education and awareness of lymphedema along with the need for treatment and garments have been a struggle. With the efforts of many individuals and organizations, this quest is slowly becoming successful.

Additional Insurance Services

An additional service, free of charge/no obligation, that many of you may already have taken advantage of is our insurance verification service. Many patients are pleasantly surprised that they do indeed have coverage for compression garments, even if they were previously denied coverage. Peninsula Medical offers a professional and experienced billing staff that is dedicated to help battle coverage issues and has done so to great success. If you haven't taken advantage of this service and you would like Pe ninsula Medical to check on your coverage, we will do so, again at no charge and with no obligation. Click here to request a check.

Should you want to discuss any of our services you can contact us toll free 1-800-29-EDEMA (800-293-3362). Feel free to discuss your benefits, request verification, seek Medicaid authorization, present general coverage inquiries or any other question regarding our products and services.