eNews Online - August 1999 Edition

eNews Online
August 1999 Edition

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Case of the Month

Some of our eNews subscribers may have attended the National Lymphedema Network meeting in San Francisco last September. Amongst many of the fine speakers, Canyon Ceman was one. Canyon is a Stanford University graduate and is a professional VolleyBall Player. Canyon gave a remarkable and inspirational speech at the conference. Canyon was first diagnosed in July of 1991 after he experienced his first infection. It was determined he had primary lymphedema and the onset of symptoms were not related to any specific incident, except for the excessive amount of air travel required in his profession. He has undergone most of the modality treatments for lymphedema including; Benzo Pyrones, MLD, Bandaging, etc. In his emotional speech at the NLN conference, he was willing to try anything to help treat and control his condition. Dr. Reid and Canyon met at the conference to discuss treatment with the ReidSleeve. It has now been nearly a year since the conference and Canyon has been in contact with us and has made the following quotes regarding his experience with the ReidSleeve.

"In my career as a pro beach volleyball player, I put a lot of stress on my lymphedematous left leg with extreme physical exertion, exposure to heat, sun and humidity and marginal compliance with compression garments. My ReidSleeve has helped me maintain and even improve my condition despite my non-compliance. By wearing the ReidSleeve several nights a week, and many afternoons as well, especially when the lymphedema is at it's worst, I am able to reduce the swelling considerably and measurably! Compared t o the burden of wrapping, the ReidSleeve provides a convenient, realistic and effective tool to battle the effects of lymphedema. The ReidSleeve has helped me maintain my leg so I can continue to play volleyball professionally and lead a normal life."
".....It's (the ReidSleeve) easier and more convenient/realistic to use than other compression/maintenance devices, it effectively reduces the volume of my leg while allowing me to function normally...."

In a recent correspondence from Canyon he stated:

"I've learned that it is very important to keep a proactive attitude towards our ailment. We may not win the fight against gravity and our condition, but only by fighting do we even have a chance. Research, pursuit of your own optimal set of modalities, a caring set of therapists/ doctors, and compliance within the confines of your life and happiness... these are the keys to living with lymphedema."

Peninsula Medical has been honored to keep in contact with Canyon. He is inspirational and we hope he continues to control his lymphedema and his pursuit of a normal life. We thank him for making his words of encouragement and his experience with the ReidSleeve available to the public. He sent us an action shot for our website, he indeed is active and doing well!