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Lymphedema Chronicles
Seventeen year post operative
Authored by Annette
Seventeen years after my Breast CA surgery I started playing golf. Being very competitive, I found myself on the driving range on the days I wasn't playing. My right arm started to feel chafed. Up until that time I had no knowledge or previous experience with lymphedema. I went for my annual checkup and the doctor confirmed that in fact I did have lymphedema. I consider myself very lucky. I had massage therapy 3X a week for 4 weeks and started wearing a compression sleeve. My arm did get somewhat better, although I always feel a slightly spongy area near my elbow. I wear my compression sleeve whenever I play golf and so far the lymphedema has not been terribly disfiguring or disabling. For other people with similar stories, does it get worse or can it be controlled? Thanks for sharing--Annette

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