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Lymphedema Chronicles
54 yr. old, LE onset - 5 years post mastectomy
Authored by Sandyzib AT
I am 54 yrs old, in 1993 August, almost 7 years now, I had a mastectomy, left side, chemo and radiation. They took 21 lymph nodes, none positive.

I started playing tennis, to get in shape and was playing 4 or 5 times a week. I was very active and never had any problems with infections or LE.

In January 1998 I got bit by a cat on my left forefinger that sent me to the ER 3 times with cellulitis, I developed LE approx. 6 months later, The LE is confined to my left hand and wrist. I feel certain that this cat bite was the cause.

I have had 2 rounds of MLD/CDP, compression garments, and right now seem to be under control, although sometimes I can not see that I have knuckles, only God knows what will happen in the future.

I too am very discouraged that our doctors know so little about LE. An infectious disease doctor wanted to inject dye into my hand to find out if there was scarring in the lymphatic system in my hand.

I promptly told him he was crazy and asked him if he knew what LE was, and the probable causes and the do's & don'ts of caring for a LE patient, actually he did NOT know anything!!!

These last 2 years or so have been very trying on me, for several reasons LE is one of them. If anyone would like to email me I am Sandyzib AT
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