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Lymphedema Chronicles
Authored by Anonymous
Jane had her fourth baby in 1957 and she was operated on for an umbilical hernia. Lymphedema followed immediately. When presenting her doctor with her swollen legs, she was told "Tch, tch, you have lymphedema, go home and live with it." She did, as there was no treatment offered beyond support stockings.

Jane began to experience infections in 1979. Finally, in 1998 she found someone who could treat her. After 6 weeks of treatment at the University of Utah, she was advised to get 2 ReidSleeves for her legs. Her progress was phenomenal. She lost 31.29 inches from her right leg and 53.56 from her left, (total volume reduction as monitored in patient support services). She says the sleeves changed her life. She can see her ankles for the first time in years.

Jane still continued to have open sores on her legs and the skin, so fragile, it wouldn't heal, and she experienced a great deal of pain. She bought sterile gauze pads by the case and each box only lasted four days. Recently, she had a wonderful story to relate. The sores had cleared up, due to antibiotic treatment. She reports no infections for the first time in two years. Additionally, Jane nearly cried as she said she could finally take off her hose without them sticking to her wounds.

Jane has never let the lymphedema get her down. She spends her time caring for her three horses and planting tomatoes to can salsa. Jane laughs as she recalls having to actually "buy" tomatoes after the neighbor's goats ate all she planted. An avid quilt maker, has 22 quilts to her credit made for her children and grandchildren, with two more grandchildren on the way!
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