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Lymphedema Chronicles
Female, mastectomy March 2000 seeking advice!
Authored by Anonymous
I'm so glad to find these chronicles because I've been feeling like the only one in the world with lymphedema. I had a mastectomy in March of 2000, with the tram flap reconstruction; I'm beginning to look like a normal person again. Suddenly, 10 months after the surgery, I developed lymphedema in the hand, arm, and the new breast. I thought physical therapy would fix it. It didn't. Despite binding at night and a surgical sleeve during the day, I still have swelling that is uncomfortable and very depressing. I had hoped to wear my little black bikini when summer comes, but that won't be happening. Fortunately I have a husband who loves me and children who are very supportive; one of my daughters is a massage therapist and is learning to do the lymphatic drain technique (for all the good it does). Since I'm new at this, can anyone advise if long-term physical therapy has been helpful and whether we can take off this compression sleeve sometime before the grave!?
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