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Lymphedema Chronicles
57 yr old female post lumpectomy
Authored by Anonymous
I am a fifty seven year old woman. I had a lumpectomy in May 1995, followed by radiation. I believe there were thirty seven lymph nodes removed from my right axilla.

I developed lymphedema that following winter and have worn a compression sleeve since then. I have weekly treatments to keep the lymphedema from becoming worse.

I had cellulitis in April two years ago, so know what needs to be avoided now. The cellulitis occurred because of a paper cut to my finger. As I work in a clerical job, it is very difficult to avoid paper cuts. Now, I cleanse them immediately with hydrogen peroxide and put ointment on them.

I am trying to go without a sleeve this summer as they are so hot and the skin is beginning to break down in the bend of my elbow. Any information on this and how to help this condition would be appreciated.
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