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Lymphedema Chronicles
23 yr old female, primary lymphedema, pregnancy concerns!
Authored by Anonymous
Hi! I am 23 years old and was first effected with Lymphedema when I was 12 years old, no known reason, no surgery or cancer or anything that is known to onset Lymphedema. At that time as most of you probably have went through yourselves, the doctors were pretty clueless.

We went to doctor after doctor and it wasn't until my mother read an article in the newspaper that was on Lymphedema. My mother called and set up an appointment at D.T. Watson Rehabilitation Hospital, they diagnosed it as Lymphedema and I spent the next three days learning about this usual illness that I had no idea (and still to this day) what the cause was and any know cure.

I use the wright linear pump to keep it controlled. I have one child and didn't experience much more difficulty than prior to being pregnant but now my husband and I are wanting another baby and I'm leery of pressing my luck again as I do not want to take the risk of my condition worsening. I was curious to know if anyone out there with Lymphedema has had multiple pregnancies? If there condition worsened? And of course like we all want to know is there any known cure or any drug or anything to help control this?? I would appreciate any helpful information.

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