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Lymphedema Chronicles
40 yr old African-American Female -Primary-
Authored by Anonymous
I am a 40-year old African-American female. I was diagnosed with lymphedema at age of 17, This was in 1979 and doctors knew next to nothing about it. I spent almost two years going from doctor to specialist to hospitals. I have live this condition for over 22 years and over the last 5 years the condition has worsened to elephantitis-like. I have must say that I am lucky because I have only had 3 cases of cellulitis where one case landed me in the hospital for 2 weeks. I have NEVER received any type of treatment for this chronic condition. I am now searching for answers for long term care. I never had any type of surgery or cancer. I included my race as I think it plays a factor as I haven't seen or heard of many.

My major concern is for my daughter. She is 5-years old and it has been told to me that this could be hereditary. I pray not.

I also suffered from auto immune hepatitis that one doctor suggested my have been from the inadequate lymph function.

I thank the Internet as I would have never found any hope. I have a strong faith system that has allowed me to live with pain, rejection, humiliation and all the other negative factors surrounding this disease. Humor is the key. Love of life and fellow man has sustained me through some very awful times. I always am hopeful as everyday brings about something new. EVERYONE stay strong because you are not ALONE. there is help and support.
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