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Lymphedema Chronicles
53 year old, post uterine cancer
Authored by Anonymous
I am a 53 year-old, single attractive female who was diagnosed with Lymphedema approximately 5 years ago.

This is the first time I have looked at this web site. It saddens me to hear such frustration from other sufferers. I too went through hell trying to find out what happened to my body.

This is my story.

I had a radical hysterectomy in 1993. Cancer was the diagnosis. My operation was followed by five weeks straight radiation 5 days a week. I wasn't sure I would survive the whole ordeal, but I did. In 1997 I had a minor accident, a fall from a ladder while painting my living room. My feet were hooked around the ladder rungs, only one leg remained attached to the ladder as I went down. I noticed swelling and due to my tough interior, I just knew I would be okay. Well that was not the case. After many depressing trips to the hospital and many doctors, I felt frustration and despair. I can't recall exactly how I found my present doctor, but I do know that he was a gift from God. Prior to him I was told I had cancer again, told that I had elephantitis, told that I would have to have a very rare operation rerouting my main blood flow through my groin. Mind you this operation had only been done 3 times in the whole world! Chances were I may not even survive! Not one time did I give up. Get depressed? You bet!

When this first happened to me I thought that my leg was "huge and ugly". I could not wear a shoe on my right foot and walked with the help of crutches. I couldn't even wear my usual wardrobe, but that didn't stop me. I went to work everyday, and maintained my every day schedule, including doing all the things I wasn't supposed to do, not knowing though. When I did find my current doctor, I also started therapy, and started going to Lymphedema seminars to share stories from others like myself and to learn.

Today I wear compression pantyhose, a half leg circaid (which is my life saver), and an ankle wrap daily. I also do exercises and watch my diet and I have so much freedom again. I do not let the fact that I have a disability enter into my life. Oh yes it does at times affect me, but not often. I find that most people are understanding, and those that are not I feel sorry for. Though I have given up a lot of things that used to be a part of my life, I feel very fortunate to be able to do and live as I do. I have learned to change my life style, and to accept the things I cannot do. Most of the people in my life accept the changes.

I would like to talk to others, to those that have not accepted the change in their life due to "lymphedema" and that are emotionally suffering my heart goes out to you. Don't give up! There are so many things I have experimented with, and today I get a fabulous report from my doctor every time I go for my check up. I thank everyone for sharing, and welcome any input, or anyone who may want to share with me concerning lower lymphedema. And thanks to everyone who is fighting for our cause.!!
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