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Lymphedema Chronicles
A Chronicle
Authored by Tina
My name is Tina and I have lymphedema. I was diagnosed in 1997 and again in 2004. Why 2 times? I'm a cancer survivor and when I developed the first round of lymphedema no one had a clue. I swelled and was outright miserable, I was told to elevate and nothing happened. I was frustrated and looked in every book I could find on the topic. It wasn't until the 2000 era when I got a computer that I ran into some information that changed my life. I was both terrified yet glad I could finally know what to do. I got into therapy and reduced wonderfully.

My next round was from a fall, breaking my foot that lymphedema set in, this time the doctor told me what to do and I was pleased he knew! I know the frustrations, sadness, anger and hopeless feeling of having lymphedema and being ignored and blown off. It was and is my goal to help anyone and everyone I possibly can with the condition.

I created website and also Lymphland Support Group Online that works out of Yahoo Groups. We have tons and tons of informational links, files, stories, pictures, therapist listings, and we have a chatroom that is staffed every single day with a person available to talk to anyone that drops in and help them. We also offer monthly chats as a group. Right now we are trying to get a lady who needs major help and home renovations on ABC's home makeover. I welcome anyone and everyone to join us. blessings, tina (no longer active) (no longer active)

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