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Lymphedema Chronicles
Life with Lymphedema
Authored by Anonymous
In 1998 I underwent radical vulvechtomy surgery, Stage 3 Cancer. I, like many others, was treated with radiation and was told that I have Lymphedema in my left leg. I have been special hose since that time. I was told this is a permanent condition. I had treatments which consisted of manual massages and bandges. My leg is not enormous, but it is bothersome. I feel this is a small price to pay having cancer. I am now in remission eleven years. I was told to wear pantyhose, but that did not work out for me. I wish it would have. There must be someone who offers custom made garments for this condition. I had Cellulitis once and I came out of it fine with hospitalization. I would be more than glad to discuss this with anyone who could give me some input with their problem with Lymphedema.
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