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Lymphedema Chronicles
A Chronicle
Authored by Rhonda Smith
For the past year I have experienced swelling in my left foot and ankle. I have seen various physicians and had numerous tests. These physicians were unable to tell me what my problem was. They assumed I had a vascular problem and that elevating my foot would help. Finally, out of frustration, I had all my records sent to an OB/GYN whom I had previously worked for. He recommended I see a vascular surgeon. This surgeon told me that I had primary lymphedema.

After hearing this news, I think I went into shock. I had no idea what this was and how it might affect my life. In our small community, there is not one physician who has had a primary-lymphedema patient. I have had to search the Internet and get information any way I could. It has been difficult.

I think I'm still angry about my condition and haven't learned how to deal with that yet. I've become very aggressive, informative, and ask a lot of questions when it comes to my medical care. I realize that if I have questions, usually I'm the one having to find the answers not my physician.

I guess that I wish there was more informed physicians out there that cared enough to provide information.
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