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Lymphedema Chronicles
A Chronicle
Authored by Anonymous
I'm a 3 year survivor of breast cancer. Very soon after my initial surgery in 1996, I noticed my left arm was swelling. I showed it to my surgeon as I was still under her care. She had the nurse measure the forearm, etc. and said she could send me for a wrap but I probably would not wear it because it would be so hot. From that time on, I have been on my own. I went to a local physical therapist for help, mainly due to the pain I was enduring. My left arm ached constantly. The PT was a friend and said I needed to see a pt educated in massage of lymphedema patients. To make a long story shorter....I have been using a compression sleeve, the pain is gone, and the swelling is the same as in the beginning. I am thankful for your web site and the education you provide about lymphedema. You are certainly correct about the doctors not acknowledging the problem. I found all the info I needed by surfing the web and using your site. Thanks!! I have been sharing info with our support group. They are all like me - no information. Thank you for your concern. Keep going to the conventions! Someone will pay attention someday!!
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