eNews Online - December 1998 Edition

eNews Online
December 1998 Edition

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Happy Holidays and welcome to our December issue of lymphedema eNews. The response has been very favorable to our eNews and we will try to get out eNews bimonthly. All of us at Peninsula Medical send wishes of peace and joy this holiday season and the coming New Year.

Infections Vs. Lymphedema

There have been several questions concerning the relationship between infection and lymphedema. The first appearance of lymphedema or significant worsening of lymphedema is frequently associated with the occurrence of infections. It is thought that these infections result in increased fibrosis of the lymphatic system, including the lymphnodes, resulting in increased lymphatic pressure, predisposing the patient to lymphedema. The growth factors involved in lymphatic and endothelial development can be altere d in chronic or acute infections (see reference below and previous discussion of growth factors). In fact, worldwide, the most common cause of lymphedema is infection with parasites that cause obstruction of the lymphatic system. In some cases, even patients without prior surgery develop lymphedema after infections. One of the other situations where we see lymphedema with increasing frequency is among patients with HIV infections leading to Kaposi's sarcoma. The relationship between infections and lymphede ma is an area coming under increased scientific investigation. For now, it is important to contact your physician in the event of any infection of the affected limb. An ounce of prevention may prevent a pound of cure.

Tony Reid MD Ph.D

For further information on lymphedema and infection and growth factors see: Curr Opin Oncol 1997 Sep;9(5):433-9

Case of the Month

One of the toughest challenges that a parent must handle is watching their child face the adversities that everyday life brings to all of us. When that child is also fighting an illness that is also physically disfiguring, it can almost be too much to bear.

We were introduced to Mariah two months ago. Mariah is a ten year old girl with primary lower lymphedema. Her parents contacted us regarding the ReidSleeveŽ after several years of nightly battles with bandaging. While the bandaging was controlling Mariah's lymphedema, the hour long procedure of wrapping each night was becoming a frustrating process, leaving both Mariah and her Mom in tears. Anyone with children can understand how hard it is to get their children to brush their teeth for two minutes each ni ght. You can imagine an hour long process that sometimes needs to be reapplied if it isn't correct. It was also severely limiting Mariah's evening social life, as well as her parent's evenings out.

We started working with Mariah by letting her choose the color of her new ReidSleeveŽ. We offer over 20 colors so she had quite a selection at hand. Mariah chose hot pink, her favorite color. Mariah's mom commented to me that she could notice a difference immediately in Mariah. She now felt that she was more in charge of her own treatment and even at ten ( or especially at ten) we all like to have some control over what happens to us. The ReidSleeveŽ has been working splendidly now for Mariah's family. Her lymphedema is reducing at a low compression rate and she is not experiencing as much daytime increases. Mariah and her family feel they are finally getting their lives back. Her parents can now leave her with a babysitter, knowing that Mariah can easily apply the ReidSleeveŽ herself. But the most exciting news that Mariah's mom reports to us is that she was able to attend her first sleep over with twelve other young ladies who all thought Mariah's ReidSleeveŽ was very cool. With her increased compliance h er lymphedema is reducing beyond what bandaging could do and her self esteem is sky rocketing!

Online Chat

Coming in January we will bring back our online live Lymphedema Chat. We have had many requests to bring this back to our website. We will send out notices of the time and instructions to participated in the live online chat. We plan on hosting a live chat once a week at a designated time. Any suggestions of days and/or time frames are welcomed.

The OptiFlow CS (Comfort Sleeve)

We're excited to introduce the OptiFlow CS, THE NEW WAVE IN LYMHEDEMA THERAPY. Several years in development and testing, this new sleeve is the ultimate in comfort and ease of application. It is lighter and cooler than the ReidSleeveŽ Classic while maintaining its original concept. Simply slip it on for the comforting and consistent pressure you have come to expect from the ReidSleeveŽ Classic. Variable compression is obtained through a unique (patent pending) outer power sleeve. The OptiFlow CS is the ide al compliment to the ReidSleeveŽ Classic. By coming at lymphedema from multiple angles, you can be successful in the fight to obtain lasting reduction.

The OptiFlow CS represents a major step forward in advanced technology to treat lymphedema.

Designed for mild to moderate lymhedema
Can effectively control lymphedema reduced by the ReidSleeveŽ Classic or other treatments
Custom fitted to your unique size
Ideal for use while flying or traveling
Spread the word about our advanced system for lymphedema management
Quality materials and manufacturing from the makers of the original ReidSleeveŽ Classic