eNews Online - December 1999 Edition

eNews Online
December 1999 Edition

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22nd San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Two weeks ago a large portion of Peninsula Medical attended the 22nd San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Our focus was lymphedema awareness, education and prevention. We had a mixed reaction to our attendance, a reaction we had expected.

On the outset, I would like to thank the doctors that took the time to come by our booth and show their sincere interest and acknowledgment of the need of lymphedema awareness, education and prevention. Many doctors were eager to have information sent to them and were happy that we have a referral base for LE clinics where they can refer their patients to for treatment and support. There were actually more physicians that visited with us and shared a common interest then we had previously predicted.

We did feel like the outcast being placed in a far corner of a conference room outside of the main stream and flow of traffic. Physicians had to really look for us, so we were at a disadvantage from the get go simply due to location. Later we all concurred that our rather 'intimate' location turned out to be a good thing, as it was much less chaotic then the main halls and we had a chance to really talk at length in a much quieter environment.

The Y-Me group had a booth in the same general area as us and they were all delightful to speak with and they were very happy to see lymphedema being represented at this forum.

There were of course the classic reactions that if you didn't laugh you would cry. We felt very badly for the patients of the physicians who refused to acknowledge lymphedema. We are still uncertain, if not down right perplexed why the resistance remains so high in regards to educating patients about their risks of lymphedema. There was one physician, of which his expression said it all, he walked up just near enough to see what our booth was about and the moment the recognition of lymphedema hit him, he l ooked shocked and he swiftly moved away from our general vicinity.

We also had several physicians tell us that lymphedema doesn't exist any longer. We found it amusing that they took the time to seek us out to inform us of that fact. However, not amusing at all to think that physicians may actually believe their own words.

It was wonderful to speak to surgeons who admitted they didn't see much lymphedema, but felt it was due to the fact that the onset can come much after the surgeon's portion of the care is finished and the patients typically become diagnosed by their general physician or oncologist.

As I said in the beginning of this report, many thanks do need to go out to the physicians that showed concern and took time out of the lectures to talk with us. It was wonderful to interact with them and to see their honest interest.


The next main event coming up is in Dallas, March 2000. "Modern Concepts in Identifying and Treating Lymphedema." It is an honor that Dr. Reid was asked to be the keynote speaker and we think this will be a very important and significant event. If you are interested in more information about this event, click here or call, 1-800-349-9490 or Dallas area 972-881-5535.

We will continue to remind eNews subscribers each month about this upcoming event.

Insurance Billing

Many patients responded to last months eNews regarding insurance. To recap, we reminded patients of their annual deductibles renewing on the first of the year. We are still offering to check on insurance coverage for medical equipment coverage, as a courtesy service with no obligation. If you would like one of our billing specialists to check your insurance coverage, please call, 1-800-293-3362 and ask to speak with a billing specialist for insurance verification.

Lymphedema Chronicles

Thank you all who have taken the time and courage to share your experiences with us and have given permission to post your stories on our website. I thought I would take the time to let you know how much it means to so many. We get mail on a daily basis from patients who are inspired and touched by reading your stories. Your stories have encouraged patients to hang in there, seek treatment, be compliant and for some, it has provided comfort in knowing they are not alone. For many patients feeling isolated or are truly isolated due to the inability to get out to support groups, the Internet is their connection to the outside world. This is a generous gift to the lymphedema world and your words of strength and encouragement are priceless.

If you have not had a chance to read the shared experiences from patients and health care providers and would like to, please click here. If anyone would like to share their experience, we are proud to post it to share with others. Thank you again.