eNews Online - July 1999 Edition

eNews Online
July 1999 Edition

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Case of the Month

This 47-year-old female presented with stage III lymphedema to the right leg. She states her edema began nine years prior after receiving treatment for cervical cancer. Her treatment in 1987 included a partial hysterectomy and radiation therapy. She had metastasis to the spine, which was also treated with radiation. She had two hospitalizations for cellutis. She experienced lymph fluid leakage from the pores of her skin.

47 year old - female
s/p Cervical Cancer
Treated with surgery and radiation 1989

She initially was treated with pump therapy but found it unsuccessful and states it caused her pain. In January of this year she sought treatment through Joanna Burgess RN of Lymphodynamics II in North Carolina. Her treatment plan included Complete Decongestive Therapy and the ReidSleeve®. To date she has responded extremely well to treatment showing an approximately 50% reduction (see graph).

The patient has been followed very closely utilizing our EdemaCalc® system. Measurements are sent in on a regular basis and entered into our program. A graph is then produced depicting the progress. This graph is presented to the therapist for review and assistance in determining ongoing treatment or adjustments to the current treatment plan. As you can see by her graph, the progress was slow at first, and subsequent adjustments were made to her treatment plan. Higher and lower graphical readings further a ssist in suggesting when a change of treatment is indicated and whether it was affective or not.

She will continue with her treatment and we will update her condition and progress. She has just ordered the OptiFlow® EC to enhance her bandaging. Where she is wearing her ReidSleeve in-between treatments and at night, she is bandaging during the intensive portion of her therapy. During this time she will utilize our OptiFlow EC to optimize the bandaging.

We are excited about her progress to date and are delighted that she was willing to share her history and subsequent quest for treatment. We thank Joanna Burgess for providing such thorough data and the opportunity to present this case.


This EdemaCalc is part of our patient support system currently offered to all ReidSleeve recipients. We are in the process of making this monitoring and graphical feedback system to anyone that is interested in following their progress and to help assist their provider of care regardless of their choice of treatment. We feel it has provided extremely valuable data to the health care givers, as well as the patient. It also has encouraged many patients to continue on with treatment when they are having chall enges with compliance. To be able to see results, not only physically, but graphed out, it can be just the boost many have needed to remind themselves that progress is indeed being made.

The patients currently send in their measurements via email, regular mail or fax. We will shortly have the ability to have the patients enter their measurements via our website on a page specially designed to make it even simpler to send in measurements. Graphs would then be posted on a secured password protected site, accessible to the patient or their health care provider (by their unique password) from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in having your progress monitored please check back to our website and sign up for this service. We anticipate the EdemaCalc® system will be available soon.

Insurance Billing

As we are all painfully aware, Medicare has limited benefits for reimbursement for treatment modalities and garments for lymphedema patients. Subsequently, Peninsula Medical has pursued reimbursement through the various Medicaid programs in many states. We are proud to say that several state Medicaid programs are now reimbursing for the ReidSleeve. Albeit is a long process, it has proven well worth the wait for the recipient, when all other avenues have been exhausted. If you are on Medicaid and would like Peninsula Medical to pursue coverage in your state, please contact one of our billing specialists. If you are having challenges with your regular insurance company, we are happy to check on your coverage for the ReidSleeve with no obligation.

Veteran's Administration is now reimbursing for the ReidSleeve in several states. If you are a veteran and would like Peninsula Medical to explore coverage for a ReidSleeve, please contact one of our billing specialists. 1-800-283-3362