Female, Bilateral Lower Extremity Edema, Lymphedema secondary to carcinoma treatment, HealthSouth, Vero Beach Florida.

Female with bilateral lower extremity lymphedema secondary to treatment for cancer. The lymphedema was a sudden onset that progressively worsened. Previous treatments included, MLD, Bandaging, day-time compression garments and mechanical pump. Patient reported a history of one infection.

Patient presented with right lower extremity edema on June 18, 1999 with moderate to severe lymphedema involving the foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh and distal to mid abdomen. She exhibited extreme fibrotic tissue proximal thigh and distal right to medial abdomen. Right lower extremity medium hard tissue with discoloration light brown with white spots in the foot and ankle areas. Slightly shiny skin in shinbone area. Medium dry skin.

Patient states that executing staircases was not possible and she experienced a general unsteadiness while ambulating. Walking over time periods of 30 minutes was difficult. Range of motion was limited to 45 degrees at the knee. Patient was unable to operate a vehicle do to lack of range of motion.

Patient was fit with ReidSleeve Classic of her right lower extremity and was scheduled for her first follow up on June 27, 1999.

Patient was on a catheter to measure fluids. Normal excess between 8:00pm and 8:00am is approximately 800-900 ccL. Patient passed 2000 ccL after first night with ReidSleeve. Patient wears ReidSleeve 10-12 hours per night. Patient reported some itching sensation while sleeve was applied. Significant decreased hardening in the affected extremity was noted. Range of motion increase, patient is now able to bend extremity to 90 degree.

Patient reported on July 7, 1999 with increased walking and ability to stand. Patient did not wear the ReidSleeve on one night and reported an increase in circumference the following day. No change in skin discoloration.

Below is a graph of total volume reduction.
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Lymphedema Cast Study: Female, Bilateral Lower Extremity
Patient reports on August 29, 2000 that she continues compliance with the ReidSleeve in place of bandaging. When the patient was asked her objective opinion of what overall percent of improvement she believed to have, stated she felt she was 85% improved.

Additional comments: 6-18-99 - Patient was asked on initial evaluation from a scale from 0-10 with 0 meaning none and 10 unbearable;

Limb sensation: Hot-4, Full-8, Numb-3, Hard-5, Heavy-8, Tired-8, Stiff-8, Achy-6, Painful-6, Tingles-4, Needles/pins-0, Decreased function-9, Bursting Sensation-8.

8-29-2000 - Patient reported:

Limb sensation: Hot-2, Full-2, Numbness-0, Hardness-3, Heavy-3, Tired-4, Stiff-5-6, Achy-2, Painful-2, Tingles-1, Needles/pins-1, Function-4, Bursting Sensation-1.

This case was followed by HealthSouth in Vero Beach Florida. 
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