eNews Online - November 1999 Edition

eNews Online
November 1999 Edition

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Reconstruction and Lymphedema

Last month Dr. Reid addressed a very interesting question regarding whether breast reconstruction after mastectomy caused or worsened lymphedema. Subsequently he created a survey to collect information on this topic as very little information is available. Dr. Reid feels this is an important topic as he was unable to see that any studies or data was available on this question.

We had hoped to provide the results of this survey in the November eNews, however, Dr. Reid would like to collect more data prior to his analysis.

If you would like to participate in this survey, please click here.

Thank you all who have participated! We are grateful for the patients that have shared their experience via this survey and hope to provide Dr. Reid's analysis and the survey results in the December eNews.

Tony Reid MD Ph.D


Last eNews we stated we would be attending the Venous and Lymphatic Symposium Regional Conference 99 in Akron, Ohio.

The conference was a success and very good. Another well done job by the organizers! The conference was quite educating and many topics were covered. It is great there are so many events focusing on lymphedema. Education and awareness slowly grows every day through the efforts of so many people pushing towards this common goal.

Next week a large portion of Peninsula Medical will be attending the 22nd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. It appears by the list of vendors that we will be the only voice for lymphedema at this conference. This is surprising as the awareness of lymphedema grows and this being such a large breast cancer event. Our focus at this event will be to stress the importance of prevention and education preoperatively. Amongst the attendees will be a large population of breast surgeons.

We hear time and time again that so many women faced with breast cancer and the subsequent treatment never hear the word lymphedema let alone their risks until after they have developed lymphedema. We would like to stress the importance of preoperative education and immediate post operative preventative steps. We believe no women should leave postoperative without steps for prevention and lymphedema awareness. Onset of lymphedema or lessening the severity, early detection and immediate treatment are a must .

In the whirlwind that occurs after the diagnosis of cancer, lymphedema may not be absorbed immediately. However, it is every patients right to know the risks and be provided preventative steps. It will be interesting how well received we are at this conference.

Insurance Billing

This is that time of year that we like to remind people if they have insurance deductibles that renew on January 1st to talk to your health care provider about treatment or garments before the end of the year. Many people have very high deductibles and it is great to get those claims in while it is still covered on the current year.

We would like to also remind you that Peninsula Medical provides insurance verification, at no obligation nor cost. We will verify your coverage for durable medical equipment (DME). We determine the estimated percent of coverage and any deductibles yet to be met, and what is required to obtain DME to help assist your decision should you be contemplating any DME purchase before January 1st. If you would like to speak with one of our billing specialist about this service, please call toll free 1-800-293-3362 .

HealthCare Professionals

If you are a patient of a provider (therapist/nurse/doctor/clinic) and you would like us to send information about our products for treatment of lymphedema to your provider, please click here , and we will be happy to send information per your request.