The newest addition to our line of products is the OptiFlow® Comfort Plus (U.S. Patent 5,916,183). This is a slightly more aggressive version of the original OptiFlow CS, but still very lightweight and comfortable. It utilizes denser foam and extends to the base of the fingers, where the OptiFlow CS goes to the wrist, with a separate hand piece. Both the OptiFlow CS and OptiFlow Comfort Plus have slightly different characteristics and each may benefit a patient uniquely depending on their needs. They a re lighter and cooler than the ReidSleeve® Classic while maintaining the original concept of the ReidSleeve Classic. Simply slip it on for the comforting and consistent pressure you have come to expect from the ReidSleeve Classic. Variable compression is obtained through a unique outer PowerSleeve®.

The ReidSleeve Classic has helped thousands of patients overcome lymphedema. As these patients achieved control of their lymphedema, we wanted a lighter and cooler sleeve to provide therapeutic maintenance. The OptiFlow Comfort Plus achieves this objective. The custom unit construction provides a consistent snug fit and adjustable compression is obtained by the outer PowerSleeve.

The OptiFlow Comfort Plus is a modular design consisting of a base sleeve and an outer PowerSleeve. The base sleeve applies the patented Tissue Gradient Technology to the surface of the extremity while the PowerSleeve, constructed of a special highly elastic fabric is the main source of compression. The compression level with the combination of the main sleeve and one PowerSleeve is approximately 15-20 mmHg. Higher compression can simply be achieved by additional PowerSleeves. Each PowerSleeve raises compr ession by approximately 8-12 mmHg. The uniqueness of this modular design allows a wide range of compression levels while the ultra low friction of the specially selected fabrics, avoids discomfort in application associated with more traditional elastic garments.

Tissue Gradient Technology

The OptiFlow Comfort Plus is based on the patented ReidSleeve Tissue Gradient Technology(U.S. Patent 5,916,183). The foam insert provides both high and low pressure points. This patented design concept provides variable tissue pressure, maximizing compression while minimizing the obstruction of normal lymphatic flow. With older technologies, the pressure applied encircled and constricted normal lymphatic and venous flow. Our patented Tissue Gradient Technology prevents the generation of this constriction. This unique system provides effective, comfortable compressive therapy for lymphedema.

Comfort and Results

The outer PowerSleeve is designed to overcome the friction that can build up between traditional garments and the skin. This friction can make it very difficult to apply traditional garments. However, this is overcome by the unique design of the OptiFlow Comfort Plus. The materials used are designed to reduce the friction making it easier to slide The OptiFlow Comfort Plus into proper position.

Many patients have mild lymphedema and do not require the full therapeutic compression provided by the ReidSleeve Classic. For these patients, The OptiFlow Comfort Plus is ideal. The OptiFlow Comfort Plus still provides the Tissue Gradient Technology of the ReidSleeve Classic but does so in a lighter and easier to use garment.

With so many different variations to lymphedema, from preventative garments to treatment for chronic and severe lymphedema, we have found the need to design and provide custom garments to fit the needs of most patients. The OptiFlow Comfort Plus may be the ideal solution for your condition.

Many patients suffer mild to moderate edema after surgery such as axillary dissection, mastectomy or radiation treatment. These patients are finding that The OptiFlow Comfort Plus effectively controls their edema. The results have prompted many patients to comment that they felt that if they had used The OptiFlow Comfort Plus from the first signs of edema, they could have avoided developing more severe lymphedema.

The OptiFlow Comfort Plus is also an ideal compliment to the ReidSleeve Classic. Many patients obtain additional therapeutic compression during the day by using The OptiFlow Comfort Plus. This allows these patients to maintain the results obtained with the ReidSleeve Classic and experience additional improvement. By coming at lymphedema from multiple angles, you can be successful in the fight to obtain lasting reduction.

Designed for treatment of mild to moderate lymphedema

Replacement for bandaging

Can control lymphedema effectively reduced by the ReidSleeve® Classic or other treatments

Custom fit to your unique size

Ideal for use while flying or traveling

Quality materials and manufacturing

Developed by a Physician

Full arm

Full leg

1/2 leg
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The OptiFlow® Comfort Plus without PowerSleeve
The OptiFlow® Comfort Plus with PowerSleeve
The following short videos demonstrate the general application and removal of the products manufactured by Peninsula BioMedical, Inc. They do not depict the initial fitting process, gauging (if applicable) and necessary readjustment as the limb fluctuates. For complete information on our products please contact your health care provider or feel free to contact us directly should you have additional questions. Find out contact information here.
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The OptiFlow® Comfort Plus®
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