The OptiFlow EC (U.S. Patent 5,916,183) brings enhanced compression technology to patients and therapists who rely on bandaging to control lymphedema. The OptiFlow EC is an inexpensive and effective addition to the treatment options available to the lymphedema patient. The OptiFlow EC utilizes the Tissue Gradient Technology (U.S. Patent 5,916,183) that has proven so effective in the ReidSleeve Classic.

The original ReidSleeve Classic has helped thousands of patients overcome lymphedema. The ReidSleeve Classic is used mainly at night and many patients wanted something that could be used to enhance compression during the day or during exercise plans. The OptiFlow EC achieves this objective. The OptiFlow EC provides a consistent, snug fit with additional compression obtained from bandaging. The OptiFlow EC brings the ReidSleeve Classic technology to patients who utilize bandaging as a component of their the rapy.

Complements the ReidSleeve Classic and CDT

The OptiFlow EC is also an ideal complement to the ReidSleeve Classic. Many patients obtain additional therapeutic compression during the day by using The OptiFlow EC, especially patients who have been advised by their therapist to undergo an exercise program while using compressive therapy. The combination of the ReidSleeve Classic and the OptiFlow EC allows these patients to maintain the results obtained with the ReidSleeve Classic and even obtain further improvement.

The OptiFlow EC is also an effective complement to CDT. The OptiFlow EC can help the patient effectively maintain the edema reduction achieved through decongestive therapy. Many therapists are now recommending the use of The OptiFlow EC along with compressive bandages during periods between CDT.


Patients report increased comfort and more consistent compression, while gaining the proven advantages of the high and low pressure points of the patented ReidSleeve Classic Tissue Gradient Technology. This patented design concept provides variable tissue pressure, maximizing compression while minimizing the obstruction of normal lymphatic flow.

Bandages and wraps can be very useful, but do have some limitations. First, bandages and wraps are often difficult to apply properly and consistently. Second, the pressure applied may encircle, constrict, and obstruct normal lymphatic and venous flow. The OptiFlow EC helps overcome these problems. This unique system provides effective, comfortable compressive therapy for lymphedema.

Eliminates 20-30 minutes off wrapping time

Eliminates the need for custom cut foam

Eliminates gapping that commonly occurs with foam on large legs

Eliminates slipping of wrapping over foam

Eliminates the need of gauze commonly known to cause irritation

Patients are more compliant with wrapping made simple with the OptiFlow EC

Brings the ReidSleeve Classic technology to patients who utilize bandaging as a component of their therapy

Designed for treatment of mild to severe lymphedema

Can control lymphedema effectively reduced with the ReidSleeve Classic or other treatments such as CDT and therapeutic massage

Can be effectively combined with exercise programs as recommended by the therapist

Quality materials and manufacturing from the makers of the original ReidSleeve Classic

Developed by a Physician

Full arm (includes hand)

1/2 arm (includes hand)

Hand (glove only)

Full leg (includes foot)

1/2 leg (includes foot)

Boot (for foot and ankle only)
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The OptiFlow® EC
The OptiFlow® EC fully bandaged
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The OptiFlow® EC
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