The OptiFlow RM brings the ReidSleeve tissue gradient technology to patients in Ready Made (RM) standard sizing. The OptiFlow RM is less expensive and provides a flexible and effective treatment option for many lymphedema patients. The OptiFlow RM utilizes the Tissue Gradient Technology (U.S. Patent 5,916,183) that has proven so effective in the ReidSleeve Classic.

The ReidSleeve Classic has helped thousands of patients overcome lymphedema. The ReidSleeve Classic is a custom made garment used at night, replacing bandaging. Peninsula BioMedical is now offering standard sizing in the OptiFlow RM. Standard sizing eliminates the lengthy lead times often associated with custom garments. Additionally, the cost is significantly lower with standard sizes and makes the OptiFlow RM more affordable for patients with limited or no insurance coverage.

The upper extremity RM covers from the tips of the fingers to the axilla; the lower extremity unit is from the ankle to groin (or ankle to knee in the half length style). This allows patients to have daytime non-elastic compression while utilizing a compression sock and shoe. For night use we offer the OptiFlow RM foot piece to go with the full or half leg OptiFlow RM.

Cooler and Lighter Weight

The OptiFlow RM is a lightweight, cooler and slimmer garment than the ReidSleeve Classic. It is an ideal option for patients with mild to moderate lymphedema.

The OptiFlow RM is also an effective complement to Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT). The OptiFlow RM can help the patient effectively maintain their edema reduction achieved through CDT.


Patients have reported increased comfort and more consistent compression, while gaining the proven advantages of the high and low pressure points of the Tissue Gradient Technology. This patented design provides variable tissue pressure, while maximizing compression, softening tissue, and minimizing the obstruction of normal lymphatic and venous flow.

Bandages and wraps can be very useful, but do have some limitations. First, bandages and wraps are often difficult to apply properly and consistently. Second, the pressure applied may encircle, constrict, and/or obstruct normal lymphatic and venous flow. The OptiFlow RM helps overcome to these problems. This unique system provides effective and comfortable compression therapy for lymphedema patients.

Lighter weight and cooler

Eliminates bandages

Standard sizing - enables immediate shipping

Patients more compliant with night time compression

Designed for treatment of mild to moderate lymphedema

Less expensive for those without insurance coverage

Controls lymphedema effectively reduced with the ReidSleeve Classic or other treatments such as CDT and therapeutic massage

Quality materials and manufacturing from the makers of the original ReidSleeve Classic

Developed by a physician

Full arm

Full leg (ankle to groin)

1/2 leg (ankle to knee)

Foot Piece
[click for larger images]
The OptiFlow® RM Full Lower
The OptiFlow® RM Upper
The OptiFlow® RM Half Lower without Foot
The OptiFlow® RM Foot Piece
The OptiFlow® RM Upper
The OptiFlow® RM Half Lower with Foot
The following short videos demonstrate the general application and removal of the products manufactured by Peninsula BioMedical, Inc. They do not depict the initial fitting process, gauging (if applicable) and necessary readjustment as the limb fluctuates. For complete information on our products please contact your health care provider or feel free to contact us directly should you have additional questions. Find out contact information here.
The OptiFlow® RM
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