The OptiFlow SC (Sequential Compression) is a treatment modality to be used in conjunction with mechanical pumps. The OptiFlow SC applies the gradient tissue technology (U.S. Patent 5,916,183) proven so effective in the ReidSleeve Classic while avoiding the problems associated with standard pump sleeves. The OptiFlow SC significantly reduces the danger of tissue or venous damage during the critical inflation stage of the pump, additionally, the OptiFlow SC maintains a baseline pressure of approximately 8-10mmHg, decreasing the backflow between cycles (See diagram).

Testing demonstrates that the OptiFlow SC increases overall compression 17% per cycle while avoiding high peek pressures.


Studies have shown as much as an overall reduction of excess edema of 80% over 12 weeks. Patients report significant reduction or complete elimination of the typical complaints associated with mechanical pumps, ie. numbness, tingling, and pain. Patients report their extremities to be softer and improvement of limb contours. Patients report troubled spots responding to treatment, where previously no modalities had effectively addressed those areas.

The materials and craftsmanship are of the same stringent standards as the ReidSleeve Classic.

The OptiFlow SC can be easily applied, feels comfortable, and is designed to fit inside existing pump sleeves.

Improves lymphatic flow

Patients report significant reduction or completely elimnating numbness, tingling and pain while using a compression pump

Reduces risk of tissue and venous damage

Quality materials and manufacturing from the makers of the original ReidSleeve Classic

Developed by a Physician

Full arm

Full leg
The OptiFlow® SC
Accredited by the       
Joint Commission