Utilizing the ReidSleeve patented Tissue Gradient Technology we offer a variety of shaped pads that significantly enhance the various lymphedema treatment modalities. The soft, convoluted foam design creates high pressure points which provide a gentle, deep-tissue compression while the low-pressure points help to prevent blocking vascular flow. This is the only technology specifically designed to apply effective pressure to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and the connective tissue of the deep dermis, the areas where edema can accumulate and where fibrosis can build up. Patients report significant softening of fibrosis utilizing this technology. The pads comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, are machine washable and can be used in conjunction with most outer compression sources to focus on trouble areas and assist the filling of cavities, folds and asymmetry areas.

Oval (large)

Oval (small)

Half Oval

Round (large)

Round (small)

Rectangle (small)

T (large)

T (small)


Custom (available upon request)
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OptiFlow&reg; T<BR><BR>Large: 9&frac12;" High x 16" Wide<BR>Small: 6" High x 8" Wide
OptiFlow&reg; Round<BR><BR>Large: 8" Across<BR>Small: 6" Across
OptiFlow&reg; U<BR>(one size only)<BR><BR>5" High x 6" Wide
OptiFlow&reg; Half Oval<BR>(one size only)<BR><BR>8" High x 5" Wide
OptiFlow&reg; Oval<BR><BR>Large: 12" Long x 6" Wide<BR>Small: 9" Long x 6" Wide
OptiFlow&reg; Rectangle<BR>(one size only><BR><BR>Small: 4&frac12; High x 5" Wide
The OptiFlow® Packs
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