eNews Online - September 2000 Edition

eNews Online
September 2000 Edition

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Lymphedema & Recurrent Cellulitis

We have had several questions concerning the cause, prevention and treatment of cellulitis. For example, a 32 year old woman was diagnosed with lymphedema in 1998. Since developing lymphedema, she has been hospitalized 5 times for cellulitis in the leg with lymphedema. She has been hospitalized for 1 to 3 weeks with each infection and has become allergic to penicillin. These recurrent infections are very disruptive to her life and she has become understandably frustrated and is searching for a permanent tr eatment. Unfortunately, the swelling stretches the tissue making the skin more susceptible to infection. In addition, the edematous tissue and lymphatic obstruction prevents adequate tissue drainage and compromises the immune system. As a result, people with lymphedema are at high risk of infection.

Unfortunately, for now, we cannot correct lymphedema surgically. Surgical bypass of the lymphatic obstruction has not been effective because the lymphatic channels are very delicate. In fact, surgical intervention can sometimes worsen the condition. We conducted a study in 100 patients with lymphedema and demonstrated a significant reduction in the infection rate in patients treated with the ReidSleeve. Effective control of the lymphedema improves the skin turgor and enhances immune clearing of bacteria. W e have documented cases of patients with multiply recurrent infections that have had dramatic reductions in the lymphedema and infection rates due to treatment with the ReidSleeve. Ultimately, we may be able to enhance the ability of the body to make new lymphatic channels and permanently cure lymphedema; however, until then, effective control of lymphedema and prevention (upper - lower) is the best way to avoid cellulitis.

More about our new look

Many of you have probably already navigated through our new web site. We have grown tremendously over the last few years and so has our web site which contains information on the cause and treatment of lymphedema, a bulletin board, referral sources, surveys, product information, patients support services and the Chronicles. As a result of the growth of our site, I felt that it was time for an overhaul and I am pleased with the new format. Come by for a visit and drop a line of support to those who have pos ted their personal stories in the Lymphedema Chronicles.

The NLN conference is just around the corner and we are excited about the progress in the field of lymphedema over the last 2 years. I am looking forward to the meeting and hope to meet many of you there.

Tony Reid MD Ph.D

Case of the Month

Lymphedema Case Study D.W.
Cleveland Regional Rehab
Cleveland Regional Medical Center
Shelby, North Carolina

In the July eNews we featured a case study. We have further to report on this particular patient.

In the case of DW, The ReidSleeve classic and short stretch bandages complemented each other nicely allowing for the optimum benefit of MLD. The ReidSleeve Classic considerably cut down treatment time, especially in the initial states of treatment when the bandages were difficult to conform to the contours of the body. The patient's physician, Dr. Mike Ridabenayra of Shelby Medical Associates, P.A., worked closely with therapy in coordinating care, and DW was compliant will all aspects of MLD/CDP.

Currently, DW is undergoing treatment for his left lower extremity lymphedema. This patient has chosen to use the ReidSleeve Classic for his left lower extremity secondary to the success he experienced with the right lower extremity. Bandages will be used when sleeve is sent back in for alteration. Patient's weight on September 1, 2000 was 361.6 lbs.

Submitted by:
Cleveland Regional Rehab
Cleveland Regional Medical Center
Shelby, North Carolina

NLN Conference
Orlando, Florida
September 2000

Just a reminder to stop by and say hello and pick up your free Lymphedema Alert medical wristband should you be attending this year's National Lymphedema Network Conference next week in Orlando Florida!