Tissue Gradient Technology
Our patented tissue gradient technology can effectively increase the flow of lymphatic fluid.

The soft, convoluted foam design creates high pressure points which provide a gentle, deep-tissue compression while the low-pressure points help to prevent blocking vascular flow. Effective treatment of edema requires compression that can get to the deep subcutaneous tissues without obstructing the lymphatic and venous outflow.

The ReidSleeve is the only technology specifically designed to apply effective pressure to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and the connective tissue of the deep dermis, the areas where edema can accumulate and where fibrosis can build up. That is why the high and low pressure exerted by the ReidSleeve is such an effective method for treating lymphedema.

The ReidSleeve technology works by applying high and low pressure points to the affected area. The high points force excess fluid into the area of low points, forming channels for which the lymphatic fluid can be removed naturally through the lymphatic and venous system.

Flat compression constricts the affected area, often causing the lymphatic system to obstruct further.

This concept was so unique that it was awarded a patent by the US government.

All of Peninsula BioMedical, Inc's products use this patented advanced technology.
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