TheCinch brings us back to the original concept of the ReidSleeve, which utilized a removable outer sleeve of Velcro straps to provide compression. The current ReidSleeve merged the two technologies into a single garment. Now, TheCinch brings us back to the original concept of a removable outer compression garment; however, TheCinch has been refined and engineered to provide a more adjustable, light and flexible garment.

TheCinch is applied over a liner, such as our OptiFlow EC and replaces bandaging. TheCinch slides on with remarkable ease and the Velcro straps are secured to apply compression. TheCinch is also a great alternative for patients who do bandage over their one piece foam units, but find themselves short on time some evenings or while traveling.

With the quickness and ease of application of the TheCinch, patients will find themselves to be more compliant with compression. As we all have found out, compliance is absolutely the most important factor when it comes to compression. Peninsula BioMedical has continuously made progress in developing effective products that present with quick and easy application.

Full arm

Full leg)

1/2 leg
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TheCinch® over an OptiFlow® EC
TheCinch® being applied over an OptiFlow® EC
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