Tony Reid MD Ph.D. Stanford University and Saskia R.J. Thiadens RN Aurora Clinic

Abstract presented at the Second National Lymphedema Network Conference.

Thirty patients with severe, chronic lymphedema were studied while using the ReidSleeve and 26 patients completed the study. All patients had prior treatment with manual lymph drainage (MLD), bandaging, mechanical pumps and compression garments, and all had lymphedema for several years. The patients did not use any other treatment modality during the trial.
  Clinicals / Case Studies
The ReidSleeve is an Effective Treatment for Lymphedema.
The mean reduction in limb volume was 22.3% after 1 week and 32% after 4 weeks. See figure above.
Even the patients with the most severe edema had significant improvement. See figure above. Often it is thought that patients with severe edema do not respond to therapy; however, the 6 worst patients in this group did as well as the patients with milder edema. They had a 28% reduction in overall edema in the first week and a 35% reduction in edema by 4 weeks.
In this study many of the patients had edema of the hand. When the amount of edema in the hand was analyzed we found a 72% reduction in edema in the first week and an 88% average reduction in hand and wrist edema by 4 weeks. See figure above.
Summary of Results
23 of 26 patients (88%) improved
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